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Qualcomm 3GPP In-Band Modem Router (with optional ACD and Agent Desktop) Learn more about 3GPP eCall In- Band PSAP / IVS (External Links): 1. 3GPP eCall Modem Device 2. Qualcomm Presentation 3. Pan-European eCall:   Standardization, Implementation, and Performance: 4. 3GPP Active Work Program 5. 3GPP eCall Specifications   6. Additional 3GPP eCall Information
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Interoperability, Conformance & Road Testing Solutions For Interoperability Test Suite Demo Video, please click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGuoz60_QC8 Our Comprehensive Testing Software Solution will allow you to build your own conformance test bed in your own lab. Testing software can be installed and setup remotely with the help of Gradient Technical Team. In addition to the eCall Server product, we also provide On The Road and in the Lab testing services to Telematics & TCU product developers, vendors, integrators, Service Providers and Automobile Manufactures.    Adhering the following standards: o This was used in ERTICO’s Test Fest Interoperability o IOT Suite o EN 16454 (Intelligent transport systems - eSafety - eCall end to end conformance testing) o EN 15722 specifies a standardized MSD for eCall o EN 16062 specifies high level application protocols for eCall o EN 16072 specifies pan-European eCall operating requirements. o For third party systems, EN 16102 specifies third party services o 24 Port T1/E1 interface and 24 Port VOIP/SIP included. o 3GPP TS 26.267 version 12.0.0 Release 12 Data Transfer Tests - Manual & Automatic Calls Validate MSD Transfer Call to VOIP phone extension Verify GPS Location on the Agent Screen Test Timing Parameters Audio Quality Verification through DTMF/Tones Guided testing flow to support all test cases from EN 16454 Comprehensive Reporting Telematics Drive Testing (EU, US and International) eCall / Road Side assistance Call Testing Bluetooth Audio Testing Comprehensive Reporting Testing with different weather conditions and geographical areas   Click here for product details! 3GPP In band Test Server Consultation On Site Installation / Remote Installation and setup 24/7 customer support Custom programming In-band Testing Support for your device Cloud Hosted server for in band device testing.      Email at info@gradientsoftware.com for a quote and demo.
- Conformance & Quality Assurance Testing Software
Bring Your TCU to us! We will perform the conformance testing and the final report and certification will be sent to you!!!
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