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Qualcomm 3GPP In-Band Modem Router (with optional ACD and Agent Desktop) Learn more about 3GPP eCall In- Band PSAP / IVS (External Links): 1. 3GPP eCall Modem Device 2. Qualcomm Presentation 3. Pan-European eCall:   Standardization, Implementation, and Performance: 4. 3GPP Active Work Program 5. 3GPP eCall Specifications   6. Additional 3GPP eCall Information
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 - 112 eCall Simulator IVS Device for Testing
“ InBand MSD Decoding & Call Routing! ”
Developed by Formal Qualcomm engineers 99.99% acuracy in MSD decoding Cost effective solution for conformance testing Supports CEN 15722:2011 and CEN 15722:2015 (MSD v1 & MSD v2) 3GPP TS 26.267 version 14.0.0 Release 14 Data Transfer Built in GSM/2G/3G  Modem - Quad Band - 850 and 1900 MHz bands - used in the Americas - and 900 / 1800, used in most other parts of the world. Designed for In Vehicle & in the lab testing. Windows GUI to configure the device, run standard test cases, call testing, MSD transfer, etc. o Standard IVS & PSAP Comformance test cases (EN 16454) o ‘ecall flag’ testing o Advanced testing Noise injection to test PSAP reliability Silence Injection Intermittent InBand Stopping o Configurable VIN, Destination Phone Number, Static & Dynamic MSD parameters, vehicle and location parameters. o Periodic Automatic Call Generation without human interaction. o Configuratble OID & AdditionalData support. o Complete call control (Dial, Hangup, Mute/Unmute), etc. SIM Card Slot. Ideal for eCall PSAP Conformance & Application Test Bed/Setup. Accepts standard SIM card Push Buttons with multiple call profiles & End Call Push button. Power Cable with Cigarette Charger Plug. Status Indicator LED lights (GSM, GPS and Power). Built-in Mic & Speaker. GUI Software to configure phone number, MSD prameters and capture driving logs. Supports USB AT commands to run additional test cases using standard scripting languages such as Python. MSD DATA Editor (Custom MSD ASN1 Specification) for testing Periodic call generation to Automatically originate calls without the driver interacting with it.  Sends out MSD data with current GPS location. 2 months warranty and then extended warranty available!. Ships immediately! Products are made in USA. Ships internationally to Europe, Asia and South America. (DHL 3-4 days) Gradient provides premium technical support across the world. Downloads Datasheet Users manual Contact Sales Team at sales@gradientsoftware.com for a additional information. eCall PSAP Simulator & IVS Device - eCall Test System
Gradient 112 eCall Simulator IVS Device for PSAP Testing, Conformance and In Car Pilot Testing
Cost effective Conformance Testing Solution - Please contact sales for combined pricing for eCall InBand Server with 4 eCall Simulator (IVS) In-Car Drive Testing Devices +
In Car Drive Testing & IVS Administration Graphical User Interface
112 eCall IVS Simulator