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Qualcomm 3GPP In-Band Modem Router (with optional ACD and Agent Desktop) Learn more about 3GPP eCall In- Band PSAP / IVS (External Links): 1. 3GPP eCall Modem Device 2. Qualcomm Presentation 3. Pan-European eCall:   Standardization, Implementation, and Performance: 4. 3GPP Active Work Program 5. 3GPP eCall Specifications   6. Additional 3GPP eCall Information
Software Based eCall Router Softmodem inband router - Version 2.x
Currently Installed in the following Countries:  Spain Russia Sweden Poland Kazakhstan USA
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 - 112 eCall InBand Router / Server (Enterprise Version)
“ MSD Decoder and Call Router for eCall Inband ” Applications: Emergency / monitoring Call centers, Telematics service providers, Mobile Health Monitoring, etc
Certified by Independent conformance testing organization in EU Developed by Formal Qualcomm engineers 99.9% acuracy in MSD decoding o with Gradient’s Proprietory Techniques and alogorithms for highly accurate  and fast MSD decoding when calls are made in the following enviornments: Presence of Noise in voice channel (Upto 18dB) Audio with low quality Cellular voice codecs Presence of Network packet latency Presence of Packet Loss Fast moving cars with high radio latency (IVS) Presence of Network Echo in voice Works in conjunction with any commercial PBXs/ACDs such as AVAYA, CISCO, GENESYS, NORTEL, ALCATEL/LUCENT, AUDIOCODES, Siemens, or many other emergency contact center solutions. 3GPP/ETSI compliant - TS 26.267 version 14.0.0 Release 14 Data Transfer for European eCall and other telematics applications Built-in ACD, Agent Desktop and built-in offline GIS/Map & MSD visualization. NG eCall Support Supports CEN 15722:2011 and CEN 15722:2015 (MSD v1 & MSD v2) High availability with 99.99999% uptime guaranteed. (HA+DR) Qick Installion, Setup and Integration eCall / Emergency / Road Side Assistance / Telematics / Monitoring Participated in ERTICO’s multiple Interoperability Test-Fest with 30+ IVS devices from multiple manufactures across the world. Built on Linux Based Core for high Reliability and Stability, 24/7 operation Extract and Decode MSD from the emergency calls Transfer call to ACD (Blind or Conference) Direct Dial IVS Callback Feature Easy to integrate with your existing enterprise platform/PSAP Supported Incoming protocols: SIP, H323 or T1/E1 Supported TCU/IVS device connectivity: 2G/GSM/3G (including GPRS and EDGE) 4G, 4G, W-CDMA Web Based Management console Handles up to 1300 simultaneous calls per server Multiple Data Integration Methods to your 112 enterprise infrastructure. Allows direct database inserts and ODBC connectivity. HTTP / Web Service / SOAP / REST / JSON / posting of decoded MSD (Value Pair, XML and Non XML Formats) TCP / IP socket interface & Web API Transmits MSD Data in the SIP header and T1/E1 ISDN U2U Info. Remote Call Control via socket or web API Obtain Updated MSD in the middle of the call High Availability, Redundant servers, Logs, Alerts, Monitoring Installed in more than 10 sites/pilots across the globe. Customizable routing and timeout settings In-band Standards: o EN 15722 specifies a standardized MSD for eCall o EN 16062 specifies high level application protocols for eCall o EN 16072 specifies pan-European eCall operating requirements. o For third party systems, EN 16102 specifies third party services supporting eCall operating requirements Conformance Testing: FCEN/TS 16454:2013 Support both PUSH, PULL and DTMF mode MSD DATA Editor (Custom MSD ASN1 Specification) for testing and simulation Buy Now | Try Now Contact us at info@gradientsoftware.com for a demo and sales quote. Typical Application Scenarios 
eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server (eCall Router / Inband Router / eCall Server)
Software Solution: Install it on your own server!
Hardware Solution: Plug’n’Play brand new pre-configured & certified eCall InBand Server!
Software Based 112 ECall Router Server Virtual Machine Compatible (SIP/H323/IAX)
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